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Unified technology: Netrix message server

In any critical environment, staff needs to be alerted immediately. The Netrix full-IP Notification Gateway collects alarms from iCall and any other fire detection-, alarm- or other nurse call system. Netrix can collect alarms using TCP/ IP, RS232, with Espa 4.4.4. or Espa-X, or dry contacts.

Various alert routines can be programmed depending on the time of day using different types of profiles for different types of receivers. Netrix notifies single or multiple users of Dect- or Wifi handsets, pagers and smartphones.

The Netrix Notification Gateway is directly integrated into Alcatel- Lucents’ OXE and NEC’s IP-Dect server, offering the complete range of messaging capabilities to any device.

Netrix can send messages over IP to any receiver and can combine iCall with different nurse call systems towards one single ESPA 4.4.4.-output to connect to other vendors’ notification servers.

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